Cocos Island Cuckoo

Animalia > Chordata > Vertebrata > Aves > Cuculiformes > Cuculidae > Phaenicophaeinae > Coccyzus > Coccyzus ferrugineus

IUCN Conservation Status: Vulnerable (VU)   link
Danish   Cocogøg
German   Cocoskuckuck
English   Cocos Island Cuckoo, Cocos Cuckoo
Spanish   Cuclillo De La Isla Del Coco, Cuclillo, Cuclillo De Isla Del Coco
Estonian   Kookosesaare Kägu (Kookosesaare Vihmakägu)
Finnish   Kookossaarenkäki
French   Coulicou De Cocos, Coccyzus De Cocos
Italian   Cuculo Di Cocos
Dutch   Kokoskoekoek
Norwegian   Cocogjøk
Swedish   Cocosregngök


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