Euphyllia glabrescens

Euphyllia glabrescens (en) Torch Coral, (nl) Toortskoraal
ClassificationAnimalia > Cnidaria > Anthozoa > Scleractinia > Caryophylliidae > Euphyllia
SpeciesEuphyllia glabrescens (Chamisso and Eysenhardt, 1821)
Common names(en) Torch Coral, (nl) Toortskoraal
StatusNear Threatened IUCN Red List Link
Care levelNormal (what this means)
Close relativesE. ancora, E. paradivisa, E. parancora and E. yaeyamaensis
Distant relativesPlerogyra sinuosa
AvailabilityWidely available
Water flowModerate, no direct high currents
FeedingMeaty foods
AggressionLong sweeper tentacles
DiseasesSusceptible to brown jelly disease